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Lynn's Chicago Pizza

Aja Lynn Humphreys & Chef Brandon Bruner, Sr.

Side Hustler

I Am A

Chicago, IL

Aja Lynn Humphreys and Chef Brandon Bruner, Sr. are new restauranteurs and owners of Lynn’s Chicago Pizza.  Their mutual love for pizza conceptualized a side-hustle called Lynn's Chicago Pizza in 2023. What started as an at-home dinner date quickly catapulted into a food business and an evolving business partnership for them. As community residents in the Washington Park area of Chicago’s southside, they noticed that there is a lack of high-quality pizzerias. Their mission is to fulfill the need for excellent pizzerias in Chicagoland communities by satisfying people’s cravings for delicious hand-crafted pizzas made from house-made dough and house-made sauce with fresh ingredients. They also seek to build community by sharing resources with aspiring restauranteurs and offering employment opportunities to community members, especially the youth. Aja Lynn’s 11-year career at one of the City Colleges of Chicago and Brandon’s 15-year restaurant experience allows them to merge their varying professional skill sets in operational logistics and culinary to help build a competent business together. They truly complement each other as a dynamic force committed to serving Pizza Lovers – one slice at a time!

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