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Creativity Coaching

Our Creativity Coaching Program employs a holistic approach, blending techniques like goal setting, targeted questioning, and challenging beliefs to inspire innovative thinking.


Coaches facilitate creative exercises, curate valuable resources, and act as motivational pillars, fostering a dynamic learning environment.


Participants benefit from personalized guidance, motivation, and unwavering support, propelling them toward unlocking their full creative potential.

Minimum three-month commitment.

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Side Hustle Spark - $149 per month

  • Hustlers Hub Membership

  • Access to Ideation Workshops and Mindfulness Practices

  • Monthly Momentum Calls


Hustle Amplifier - $299 per month

  • Encompasses all Spark plan features

  • Bi-Weekly Momentum Calls 

  • Quarterly Creative Assessment

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Hustle Visionary Plan - $499 per month

  • Encompasses all Spark and Amplifier plan features

  • Weekly Momentum Calls 

  • Monthly Creative Challenge

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Hustler Immersion (VIP Day) - One-Time Fee

Virtual - $999

In-Person - $1,499 - $2,999

  • A dynamic experience designed to elevate your side hustle. Led by Side Hustle experts, this full-day intensive, available virtually or in person, offers personalized coaching, strategic goal-setting, exclusive access to the Hustle Visionary Plan for the following month, and a Hustle Ascension Map. Immerse yourself in a day that goes beyond ordinary coaching, providing immediate impact and a clear path to creative success.

Note: Prices are sample figures and can be adjusted based on factors such as location, additional services, and the specific details of the VIP Day.

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