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Myesha Thompson

Side Hustler

I Am A

Pleasant Valley, MO

Myesha Thompson is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Personal Trainer whose passion for health and wellness was sparked by her early involvement in competitive dance and sports. This interest deepened during her college years, leading her to a profound understanding of the importance of health and self-care.

Driven by this passion, Myesha founded WellBalanced, an initiative dedicated to promoting whole body wellness. She educates on the importance of balanced diets, regular physical activity, mental health prioritization, and seeking help when necessary. Myesha challenges the notion that health and wellness are one-size-fits-all, aiming to reduce disease and death risks by coaching individuals towards their ideal lifestyles.

Her “Inspirational Hustler” is her big brother, Michael Thompson, who embodies the roles of father, husband, son, and hustler, while also being a genuine friend. His multifaceted life inspires Myesha in her own journey.

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