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Bella Reine Cosmetics, Inc

Angel M. Rogers, RN

Side Hustler

I Am A

Buffalo Grove, IL

Angel Rogers, a multifaceted woman of faith and entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Bella Reine Cosmetics, Inc., and the host of the podcast “F With Me Friday’s The Live Podcast.” Originating from Chicago’s south side and later moving to South Carolina for high school, Angel returned to Chicago to earn her Associate Degree in Nursing from South Suburban and Prairie State College, overcoming significant personal challenges along the way.

Bella Reine, meaning “Beautiful Queen,” was inspired by Angel’s own struggles with confidence and depression, leading her to create beauty products that nurture the spirit with affirmations and scriptures. Using her nursing knowledge, she ensures her products are safe and of high quality, aiming to empower women inside and out.

Angel draws inspiration from Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics, admiring her determination and success. Angel’s entrepreneurial journey, though not easy, is a testament to her dedication and passion for beauty and empowerment.

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