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Emerging Business Leaders LLC

Dominick & Trevion

Side Hustler

I Am A

Black Jack, MO

Emerging Business Leaders LLC, co-founded by long-term friends and entrepreneurs Trevion and Dominick, is dedicated to educating and supporting community leaders, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Our mission is to provide valuable, free resources to both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, helping them avoid common pitfalls and grow their businesses. We focus on empowering entrepreneurs through educational initiatives and community engagement activities like our CASH MOB initiative, annual Health and Business Expo, and the END THE GUN Violence Rally.

Inspired by our friend Quentez Fields, who exemplifies resilience with his entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to foster a supportive environment where business owners can thrive and contribute positively to the community. Our partnership, born from a 15-year friendship that evolved into brotherhood, drives our commitment to making a significant impact in our community.

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