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May Sweets

Lauren Jordan

Side Hustler

I Am A

Chicago, IL

Lauren Jordan is the founder and creative force behind May Sweets, a specialty dessert business renowned for its delicious array of cookies, cheesecakes, traditional cakes, and other treats crafted with love. Lauren is fueled by the delight seen in her customers’ faces after they sample her creations. At May Sweets, the commitment to quality is paramount, with each dessert made from superior ingredients to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Among her inspirations, Lauren particularly admires Serita Love, a Success Matchmaker known for her transparent journey in business, showcasing both triumphs and trials. Serita’s example of hard work and humility has profoundly influenced Lauren, motivating her to treat her business with the seriousness it deserves and striving to mirror Serita’s dedication in her own entrepreneurial journey.

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