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DeVour Collection

Marlon "Mr. DeVour" Holmes

Side Hustler

I Am A

Richton Park, IL

Marlon "Mr.DeVour" Holmes, owner of DeVour Collection, is a Chicago native who has always had the mindset of striving for a better tomorrow. Growing up on the Southside, Mr. DeVour was driven to succeed and one day retire his mom. Mr. DeVour is the father of two beautiful girls and the husband of one of the top producers in the News.

After a work incident in 2019, Mr. DeVour had to create his source of revenue and establish The DeVour Collection. DeVour is "Living Freely in Your Lifestyle while DeVouring Your Prey." This motivational brand was created to encourage others to approach life trials and tribulations as the lion and never the mouse.

Inspired by Snoop Dogg, Mr. DeVour prioritizes community service: volunteering with youth, feeding the community, and providing assistance to those in need. To truly "DeVour the Moment" one must inspire others to do the same.

Mr. DeVour's designs, hustle, and commitment to the community have been highlighted in 8 Magazines, the local news, L. A Fashion Week twice, and 3 films.

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