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Bobo Enterprises LLC | Bobo Emporium

Robin and Darnell Bobo

Side Hustler

I Am A

Chicago, IL

Darnell and Robin Bobo, a spirited married couple from Chicago’s Southside, are the founders of Bobo Enterprises, a dynamic business empire that started 17 years ago in the city’s arts scene. Both renowned spoken word poets, their artistic collaboration evolved into a diverse array of ventures, including “The Padded Room” open mic nights, Sip and Paint classes, and entrepreneur networking brunches. They also run Robin B. Productions, an event planning service focusing on private gatherings and weddings.

In addition to their business initiatives, they established the Think Tank Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at revitalizing urban communities through education on black history and financial literacy. Their expansive enterprise now includes Onyx Candles, Graphics by Bobo, Robin’s Resume Renovations, and the KnowWear clothing line. In 2021, they opened the first of three Bobo Emporium locations, serving as a hub for their artistic and entrepreneurial activities. Bobo Enterprises embodies their commitment to community uplift and their passion for creating lasting legacies in their community.

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